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Post by Hilary the Touched » Sun Apr 09, 2006 5:49 pm ... tory.jhtml

"Friends With Money": Love Connections

Jennifer Aniston finally lights up on the big screen in this sweet, smart comedy about love and money and the confusions that both can cause. Aniston plays Olivia, a pathetically untogether woman in her late 30s — an aimless pothead who has quit her teaching job to work as a maid, and is drifting from one dumb romantic hookup to another with no happy ending in sight.

By embarrassing contrast, Olivia's three best friends, all in their forties, seem to have their lives firmly under control. Christine (Catherine Keener) is part of a successful L.A. screenwriting team with her husband, David (Jason Isaacs) — they bat dialogue back and forth at each other over the lids of their laptops. Jane (Frances McDormand) is a clothing designer whose husband, the twinkly Aaron (Simon McBurney), adores her. And Franny (Joan Cusack) lives a life of near-perfect contentment with her husband, Matt (Greg Germann): They have lots of inherited money, great kids, great sex, the works — they even hold hands in bed.

But Christine and David's marriage has wilted; they barely notice each other anymore. ("Why do you look different?" she asks him idly. " 'Cause I shaved my beard," he says.)

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