Friends with Money: from the Albuquerque Tribune

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Friends with Money: from the Albuquerque Tribune

Post by Helen8 » Wed Apr 19, 2006 9:41 am

'Friends with Money' is flawed female bonding flick

April 17, 2006

Four stars (out of five).

"Friends with Money" is a dangerous title because it's likely to throw the focus out of balance. It's important to remember than while money plays an important role, the film's humor, joy and drama come from the friendships.

The third comic drama from writer-director Nicole Holofcener ("Walking and Talking," "Lovely and Amazing"), "Friends with Money" is another female-centric bonding experience. It's more episodic than narrative, but it manages to get from point A to point B - with a whole lot of chat.

Dialogue is Holofcener's strength. She gets how people speak, as well as how they can struggle to communicate. She's also skilled at mining human flaws for cinematic gold. The Los Angeles residents in "Friends with Money" have a wealth of weaknesses.

Olivia's friends are concerned about her, but they have no room to judge. Christine can barely communicate with her husband, David (Jason Isaacs), who's also her screenwriting partner. Fashion designer Jane is startlingly caustic, and everyone suspects that her British metrosexual husband, Aaron (an endearing Simon McBurney), is gay.

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