Friends with Money: So, like, where's Orangeville?

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Friends with Money: So, like, where's Orangeville?

Post by Helen8 » Fri Sep 08, 2006 10:32 am

Somewhere in Canada . . .
The Orangeville Banner gives a nice review of FWM:

With friends like these, who needs money
PETER MUHVIC, Special to The Banner


**** OUT OF ****

In Friends with Money, Jennifer Aniston, who starred in a hugely lucrative television series and was once married to Brad Pitt, plays Olivia, a maid who's trying to make ends meet while clinging to a relationship she had with a married louse.

The wonderful thing about Friends with Money is, you buy that.

You buy it because the writing and direction from Nicole Holofcener is so authentic.

You buy it because Aniston, on top of being rich and easy on the eyes, can act too when given the opportunity, and much like in the drama The Good Girl, Aniston successfully knocks this one right out of the park.

In presenting the varied relationships between Olivia and her circle of very rich friends, Holofcener does a tremendous job of sticking to the point, even if the point is something as trivial as a husband not getting why his wife doesn't get SpongeBob SquarePants.

The joy of Friends with Money is the many large truths it reveals through small gestures, all played out in extremely short scenes.

I doubt any scene breaks the five-minute mark, and yet so much is conveyed.

Equal credit goes to both Holofcener and her cast.

Catherine Keener, a Holofcener mainstay, having filmed two other films with her, once again shines.

Her character isn't the brightest of people, and it speaks volumes of Keener's endless skill that she manages to remain fiercely intelligent even when playing dim.

Frances McDormand, Joan Cusack, Jason Isaacs, and Simon McBurney also give flawless performances.

Friends with Money is a small scale, simply made film, but it's also an epic success. ... 4267c.html


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