Watched it today (Spoilers) + Screen caps

In which Jason Isaacs plays a very ungodly man of God.

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Re: Watched it today (Spoilers) + Screen caps

Post by ln419 » Thu Mar 27, 2014 12:20 pm

General wig information (as opposed to any specific Jason story lore): the other thing about many wigs is that they have velcro fitting straps sewn into them (and if they don't, it's very easy to put them in), so they can fit heads of many sizes. Synthetic wigs tend to fray and melt if used daily for a long time, but they're cheap(er), and human hair (depending on the region of the world the hair comes from, and if it's 'good' hair) can be really expensive (the longer, the more expensive), but the longer it will last, and easier to take care of. The kind that are FITTED, are upwards of $20K usually, so I'm guessing THOSE would be for bigger budget, they stay on REALLY well, almost like a swimming cap or something like that (but are really warm for the wearer).
whispers: (cuz I don't know how to change print colors): as for Charlie Beck's "paige boy"(?), he wears his hair the same way in RL, only his bangs aren't so long and he just kinda shoves them to the side, and HIS hair is much darker...I don't know, he has a really receding hairline, either work within those parameters, or maybe just get implants if it means that much; we'll still love ya! ~ellen

*sorry about the extra $0.02

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Re: Watched it today (Spoilers) + Screen caps

Post by muffyswallows » Sun Sep 28, 2014 6:13 am

I didnt hate it but like the last minute I wouldnt have gone out of my way to watch it if Jason hadnt been in it :???:

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Re: Watched it today (Spoilers) + Screen caps

Post by Tosca Nini » Sun Jul 12, 2015 4:47 am

Just watched this movie twice. First time viewing I thought, Meh, it's bang, bang, bang.

But watching it again, and knowing what to expect at the end, I got a much better experience. Was able to relate to the characters and relish some of the acting, especially JI (of course...) and Ed Harris. But also strangely Sarah and Miguel. Don't think she could have done more than what se did in the end, shoot everybody. And most of the time she had no one to talk too, she was alone. So, things kind of clicked.

Makes me think that a second viewing is rather useful for some movies. It also happened with Tennis, Anyone? although it is a bad, self indulgent movie, really. But, I got the message! RIA!!! :D

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