Jason Isaacs in the voice cast for Green Lantern

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Re: Jason Isaacs in the voice cast for Green Lantern

Post by inamac » Sun Jun 05, 2011 11:22 am

That's a very odd review - it seems to assume that the audiences for the live action movie will want to find out about the series in advance. The comic books, cartoon versions and live action versions of most of these things have separate audiences (they're even aimed at different age ranges) so I can't imagine that people will seek out the animated version unless they're already some sort of completists (a very small audience).

I've read the comics (selectively - I have a liking for the Green Lantern/Green Arrow partnership), I'm looking forward to the live action film (mostly for Mark Strong's Sinestro) to see whether it matches up to the other comic book movies around, and I may take a look at the cartoon version out of curiosity (I tend to watch comic book cartoons on Saturday morning kids TV when there's nothing else on).

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