HP promotional interviews, etc.

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Post by a.p.k. » Wed Nov 24, 2010 12:32 pm

fruitbat wrote:No Jason reference but this made me laugh. Tom Felton on George Lopez, talking about "'Potter' innuendos".

Harry Potter seems to be a never ending list of innuendos like, 'Can I ride on your broomstick?' or 'Is that a wand in a pocket or are you excited to see me?' It's endless, it really is!" he replied.

"I tweeted one. I had said, 'Goodnight from my bed in London' and someone said, 'Do you mind if I slither in?'


Yeah, I remember that "slither in" tweet. 'Twas entertaining.


(fruitbat, forgive me, but I keep wanting to call you Eric, Eric the fruitbat. Every single time I see your name. LOL)

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