New Harry Potter DVD Breaks Sales Records

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New Harry Potter DVD Breaks Sales Records

Post by Helen8 » Thu Mar 09, 2006 4:20 pm

POSTED: 10:15 am CST March 9, 2006

BURBANK, Calif. -- The newest Harry Potter DVD is burning up the sales charts.

Warner Brothers' "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" has broken first-day sales records with about 5 million copies of the movie sold in North America.

The studio said that puts the movie, released on video Tuesday, on track to becoming the best-selling Harry Potter DVD ever.

"We're extremely pleased with the out-of-the-gate success of the DVD release of 'Goblet of Fire'," said Ron Sanders, president of Warner Home Video. "We knew fans really connected with this installment in the Harry Potter series, and that continued loyalty to the franchise has carried over to these phenomenal DVD sales figures."

Worldwide, "Goblet of Fire" took in about $890 million when it was in theaters.

Filming on the fifth Harry Potter movie, "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix," started early last month.

"Phoenix" is pegged for a November 2007 release.
Aarrrgh! It was supposed to be 1½ years between releases, or summer 2007. That's it. Keep us waiting an extra 6 months for Lucius's biggest installment to date. nuke.gif

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