Came across this at the Harry Potter Sweepstakes site

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Came across this at the Harry Potter Sweepstakes site

Post by Helen8 » Tue Apr 18, 2006 11:14 am

. . . and didn't see it anywhere here. As the sweepstakes appear to be over (can't vote for a champion anymore), I started looking around the site and voila. ... rchive.jsp

Click "Who's Who" at right and then maneuver the magnifying glass over the lower center of the parchment (almost directly below "arry Potter"). It has the snooty Lucius pic with it.


Draco Malfoy's father Lucius - a member of the Death Eaters, supporters of Lord Voldemort - prides himself on being a pureblood wizard, and despises all things Muggle-related. He almost caused Ginny Weasley's death during her first year at Hogwarts by slipping Tom Riddle's diary into her schoolbooks, and once tried to have Buckbeak, the Hippogriff, executed.

JASON ISAACS reprises his role as the odious Death Eater in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
From the heartbreaking romantic in Rodrigo Garcia's Nine Lives, and the repressed suburban dad in Chumscrubber (both having world premieres at Sundance 2005) to the hilarious, sexist, homophobic movie star in Donal Logue's Tennis Anyone, Isaacs proves that he is the most chameleon-like actor of his time. He'll also star in Friends with Money alongside Catherine Keener, Jennifer Aniston, Joan Cusack and Frances McDormand and Good, an adaptation of the award-winning play, co-starring Hugh Jackman.
Isaacs' performances as both Captain Hook and Mr. Darling in the feature Peter Pan for director P.J. Hogan had critics raving - the LA Weekly called him "a revelation" and the UK's Times claimed that he was, "quite simply, the best Captain Hook ever to grace a screen."
In 2003, he wowed the critics in the bittersweet romantic comedy Passionada, which had reviewers comparing him to "a young Cary Grant." The previous year saw him as the deliciously sinister Lucius Malfoy in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Earlier that year, he starred as bullet-headed Captain Mike Steele in Ridley Scott's Black Hawk Down.
Isaacs has worked non-stop since his scene-stealing turn as Colonel William Tavington opposite Mel Gibson in The Patriot, a performance that won him a nomination from the London Film Critics' Circle.
Born in Liverpool, England, Isaacs attended Bristol University where, while studying law, he directed and/or starred in over 20 theater productions. When not immersing himself in a new character or accent, he returns to his London home and tries to remember what he normally sounds like so his daughter can recognize him on the phone.


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