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Jason Isaacs in Elektra

    This site is brought to you by a consortium of enthusiastic admirers with a cumulative 30+ years of following Jason Isaacs' career—which, when you think about it, is longer than Mr. Isaacs has been pursuing his career.  So if you find some discrepancy between something Mr. Isaacs says and something you read here, I guess you'll know whom to believe.

    We hope to provide you with some helpful background on Mr. Isaacs as well as some entirely subjective opinions on the man and his work.  In deference to fans relying on dial-up connections as well as those simply seeking brief confirmation of something, we have kept most of these pages fairly basic, but they usually contain links to more in-depth materialmost of our images of Mr. Isaacs are found in the Gallery.  Click on the buttons at left to check the "Biography" page for information on himself.  We pride ourselves on maintaining the most complete and up-to-date listing of projects Jason Isaacs has been involved with on "The Work" page.  "The Movies" currently offers our reviews of a few of Mr. Isaacs' films (for professional opinions of recent releases, please check the message boards, where we've got lots of links!).  We'll try and keep the updates below absolutely current, and you are urged to double-check the message board as well.   If you find any gaping holes, or you've got a hot tip, we hope you'll share!

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     The Lost Girls


     Jason Isaacs' latest project is a series for NBC titled Awake.  This story of a police detective living with the emotional aftermath of a fatal car crash premiered on 1 March, 2012.  It's been getting very positive press, with comparisons to the movie Inception. Check out the previews (including the full first episode!) at NBC's website!

     Jason Isaacs plays the lead, ex-cop, ex-private eye Jackson Brodie, in BBC One's production of a six-part series based on the beloved novels of Kate Atkinson (he played all the parts when doing the audio books!).  Case Histories was first broadcast on 5 June 2011, to considerable acclaim, and was shown in the U.S. on the PBS network starting on 16 October. It's available on DVD from PBS's website.

     Jason Isaacs played a "cop turned attorney" called Mack in the pilot of a series for Fox Television, Pleading Guilty, based on the Scott Turow novel and also starring Brian Dennehy and John Larroquette. Inexplicably, the pilot wasn't picked up.

     Jason Isaacs hosted the 30th annual London Critics’ Circle Film Awards on 18 February 2010, and was also nominated for a Supporting Actor award for his role in Goodin which he played a Jewish psychoanalyst in prewar Germany opposite Viggo Mortensen as a morally flexible professor.  (Some other bugger ended up winning.)

     BBC Radio's Big Toe program rebroadcast Mr. Isaacs' reading of Mark Twain's The Prince and the Pauper.  He was also heard as the lead, Lt. Clancy, in BBC Radio 4's production Bullitt on 24 October 2009 (available via the BBC's online player).

     Congrats to Mr. Isaacs, who was ranked 24th in Empire Magazine's 2009 list of the 50 sexiest leading men!

    Jason Isaacs attended the UK premiere of the award-winning film La Forteresse on 16 June 2009 at the BFI Southbank, London.
     "For the first time, a camera looks into the hidden world of a Swiss reception centre for asylum seekers and immerses us in the daily sorting process of human diaspora. Awarding it the Golden Leopard, the Locarno International Film Festival jury cited 'a remarkably sensitive film exhibiting profound human intelligence. Discreetly and masterfully realised, but never voyeuristic and with a message that is directly and evocatively conveyed'. This fascinating documentary feature grants unprecedented access to the asylum process and the system of accommodating people seeking sanctuary in Europe.
     The film was screened as part of the Simple Acts campaign action of 'watch a movie about exile'. See www.simpleacts.org.uk for more information."                                      
       Mr. Isaacs appears occasionally on Simon Mayo's show on BBC Radio's Five Live, exchanging barbs with old schoolmate Mark Kermode.  Sign up for the Friday podcast and have Jason on your iPod!  

        From time to time, the Lost Girls conduct eBay auctions of Jason Isaacs-related items, most recently an autographed photo from the final film installment of Harry Potter. Proceeds (totaling over $4,000 so far!) are donated to charitable organizations providing services to children, such as Oxfam and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, a leading pediatric cancer research hospital.  Look for our auctions under the eBay seller ID jasonisaacsonlineStop by and check 'em out!

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