MiniMeanieMike's Page

  (NOTE:  Like the series that inspired it, this page includes profanity.  It is not suitable for viewing by sensitive or young readers.)

     This page is devoted to the figure depicting Michael James Caffee of Showtime's series Brotherhood.

     Mike Caffee didn't necessarily provide the most compelling visual inspiration of any Jason Isaacs character, but the sheer quantity of presence had to be acknowledged, and since we got to watch him for so long, there was lots of material to work from.

     I started with his iconic leather coat (he is seen here with the ubiquitous Keanu doll, his original helpmeet):


An action figure depicting Jason Isaacs as Mike Caffee


     I forgot: he's actually wearing DJ's head there.  MiniMike's hair took a long time to root.  He got a Pete later on:


Action figures depicting Mike Caffee and Pete under a bridge
     This shot utilizes what's known as 'forced perspective'.  And here's why:
Action figure of Mike Caffee in tiny Camaro
     I guess it shouldn't surprise me, as 1:6 scale vehicles are really big, about two feet or so, but the most common scale to find in toy cars, other than Matchbox size, is 1:18.  Which, um, MiniMike is not. 

     Action figures of Mike Caffee and Pete at Rose's home

     Season One saw Mike's return to his childhood home—literally.  Here he and his buddy Pete discuss "business" in Mike's um's living room.  I found these two upholstered pieces on eBay, and while they aren't exactly like Rose Caffee's furniture, I felt they captured the overall tone mighty well.  I added the legs and lace antimacassar.  The wastebasket came from Ikea.


Action figure of Jason Isaacs as Mike Caffee in Brotherhood


Action figure depicting Jason Isaacs in Brotherhood argues over sandwich



      The Naragansett brewing company uses a different graphic these days, but I liked the old one better, and couldn't find a picture of the new one large enough to yield a nice result for printing the beer box.  I was actually served that pretzel, along with about 4 others in a commensurately tiny sack, on an aircraft.  Bloody cheek, says I—but I think I put it to good use.
  Some viewers may have been puzzled about why Mike was so reluctant to bring home a 'special friend'—I wasn't.  Go on, admit it—Best.  Shorts.  Ever.

  An unshot scene from between Seasons One and Two:

  "Give him a couple of weeks for his beautiful hair to grow back, and he'll be as good as new.  He's a Caffee—Lord knows they're hard-headed."


  I couldn't restrain myself—I broke down and bought Mike a car.