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     I am vastly gratified to report the astonishing success of the TeenytinyTavio Raffle: Tavio now has, you should pardon the expression, a new mistress—and has helped raise over $500 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  He would be here himself to sneer derisively in person, but as you can see, he had a sudden obligation elsewhere.

    I must express my gratitude to everyone who purchased raffle tickets; to Pat, who conscientiously and disinterestedly selected the winner; to Q, for tracking donations and organizing the whole thing; and to all who wrote with encouraging words.

    This last photo displays another generous donation—Accurately Scaled Martin reposes within an authentic, custom-made casket graciously given by Cabinetmaker Walt Henderson* of Henderson & Vinci.  It was made in the finest 18th century manner, to the occupant's  measurements, and shaped to accommodate the width of the figure at the elbows without cutting the wood, which in this instance is walnut.  It is beautifully crafted and far more than Martin deserves.

     *Mr.Henderson, in addition to producing handsome furnishings both painted and plain, is vastly knowledgeable about 18th century British and Colonial burial practices, as Cabinetmakers of the time typically served as their community's undertakers as well.  Mr. Henderson was honoured with the commission to produce the coffin used at Mt. Vernon during the reenactment of George Washington's funeral in 1999.

 (to see more photos of TeenyTinyTavio, click on "The Travesties" at left.)