Because the Gallery uses separate software, it has an additional link:

     The Gallery contain two albums: One of candid shots taken by me (at the 2005 "Monday After the Masters" Charity Golf Tournament and backstage after a performance of The Dumbwaiter in London in March 2007), and one of images of assorted characters from movies and the odd publicity shot.  I tried to keep the pictures in chronological order, oldest first.  Credits to sources usually appear in the caption area.  (My thanks to all who have slaved at making screencaps, so I don't have to!)

     Charuwan's extensive gallery may be found here:

     You may notice that the gallery is a little light on big, high-definition, professional-looking pictures from public events.  That's because we have neither a professional account with sources like Rex nor a lawyer on retainer, and we walk a fine line with what we already present.  If you'd like some glorious frame-worthy photographs, allow us to recommend our pal Keith Mayhew--he's been fortunate enough to encounter Mr. Isaacs rather frequently when Himself is on home turf, and offers a charming selection of pics from premieres etc. available for direct purchase at  He also sells prints on eBay, where his username is screentwo.