Jason Isaacs:  The Work



Films (Titles listed chronologically, followed by date of release and name of character.  Those titles with underlines are hotlinked to additional info—go me)

  Abduction  (2011?)  Kevin

  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011)  Lucius Malfoy

  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I (2010)  Lucius Malfoy

  Skeletons  (2010?)  The Colonel      

  Green Zone  (2010)  Maj. Briggs

  La Conjura de El Escorial  (The El Escorial Conspiracy) (2008)  Antonio Pérez

  Good (2008) Maurice Gluckstein1

  Grindhouse  (2007)  Uncredited  (bearded man in faux trailer)

  Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix  (2007)  Lucius Malfoy

  Friends With Money  (2005)  David

  Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire  (2005)  Lucius Malfoy

  Tennis, Anyone…?  (2005)  Johnny Green

  The Chumscrubber  (2005)  Mr. Parker

  Elektra (2005) (uncredited)  DeMarco

  Nine Lives  (2005)  Damian

  Crash (2004)  Det. Carr2 

  Nouvelle France (New France; Battle of the Brave) (2004)  Gen. James Wolfe

  Peter Pan (2003)  Mr. Darling/Captain Hook

  Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets  (2002)  Lucius Malfoy

  The Tuxedo (2002)  Clark Devlin

  High Times Potluck (2002)  Arneau

  Passionada  (2002)  Charlie Beck

  Windtalkers (2002)  Maj. Mellitz

  Resident Evil (2002) (uncredited)  Dr. William Birkin/Narrator 

  Black Hawk Down (2001)  Capt. Mike Steele

  Hotel (2001)  Australian Actor (Gavin McKay)

  The Last Minute (2001)  “Percy” Sledge

  Sweet November (2001)  Chaz Watley

  The Patriot (2000)  Col. William Tavington

  The End of the Affair (1999)  Father Richard Smythe

  St. Ives (1999)  Alain de Keroual de Saint-Yves

  Soldier (1998)  Col. Mekum

  Divorcing Jack (1998)  "Cow Pat” Keegan

  Armageddon (1998)  Dr. Ronald Quincy

  Event Horizon (1997)  D.J.

  Spice World (1997)  A repugnant journalist3

  Dragonheart (1996)  Lord Felton

  Solitaire for 2 [sic]   (1995)  Harry

  Dangerous Lady (1995)  Michael Ryan

  Shopping (1994)  Market Trader

  The Tall Guy (1989)  Doctor #2

  None More Black4 (Unknown)

  Special Occasion4 (Unknown)

  Dangerous Love(Unknown)

Television movies or series (titles appearing in quotations are the individual episodes in which Jason Isaacs appeared):

  Awake (2011/2012?, NBC)  Michael Britten

  Case Histories (2011, BBC)  Jackson Brodie  

  Entourage  (2008, HBO)  ("Gotta Look Up to Get Down")  Fredrick Lyme (Marketing Genius)

  The Curse of Steptoe8  (2008, BBC4)  Harry H. Corbett

  The State Within  (BBC/BBCAmerica co-produced miniseries) (2006 UK/2007 US)  His Excellency Mark Brydon, Her Majesty's   Ambassador to the United States of America

  Scars (2006) (More4)  Chris

  Brotherhood  (Season One, 2006; Season Two, 2007) (Showtime network)  Michael James Caffee

  West Wing  ("Gaza", "Memorial Day","NSF Thurmont") (2004)  Colin Ayres

  V Graham Norton  (December 2003)  Himself—with my Lego Lucius!

  Hooligans7  (2002) (A documentary on sport-related violence)  Narrator

  SO Graham Norton  (2002)  Himself

  Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher  (2001)  Himself

  The Sight6  (2000)  Ghost (his scene appears only in the UK version of this program)

  Auntie's Cracking New Bloomers7  (1999)  (Various outtakes from BBC shows [the BBC is sometimes referred to as "Auntie"]— includes two from The Fix, in which Mr. Isaacs attempts to extricate himself from an automobile.)

  The Last Don II  (1998)  Father Luca Tonarini  

  The Fix  (1997)  Tony Kay

  Guardians  (1996) (ITV)  Jim Reid

  Loved Up  (1995)  Dez 2

  A Relative Stranger  (1995)  Peter Fraiman  

  Outlaws7  (1993) (BBC3)

  Boon  ("Thieves Like Us", ITV) (1993?)  Mike Puckett

  Taggart  (“Double Exposure”) (1992)  Eric & John Barr 

  Highlander6  (“The Lady and the Tiger”) (1992)  Zachary Blaine 

  Civvies  (1992)  Frank Dillon 

  Inspector Morse  ("Cherubim and Seraphim") (1992)  (reportedly directed by Danny Boyle)  Dr. Desmond Collier

  Ashenden  (1991, BBC)  Andrew Lehman

  Eye Contact4  (1991) (C4)  Michael

  TECX4  ("Fall From Grace", ITV) (1990)  Edward Latham

  Capital City  (1989)  Chas Ewell

  The Lady and the Highwayman  (1989)  Guard

  Quiet Conspiracy, A4  (1989)  Unknown (this was a 4-part series on Anglia.)

  The Bill4  (Unknown—an ongoing ITV series)  Dr. Boxer?

  This is David Lander4  ("A Growing Crisis", ITV) (1988)  Dr. Guy Chabot

  Get Set Go!  (10 Sept 1984)  (A BBC game show, described as "a kind of verbal ping-pong!")

Short films (sometimes originally produced for television, it may be worth your while to check YouTube.)


  The Letter   (a 5-minute piece with Thandie Newton, promoting a line of jewelry)  (2009)  The Husband

  The Rain Horse  (a 12-minute adaptation of a short story by Ted Hughes)  (2008)  John

  Mummy and Baddy 
(2007)  Dr. Maniacal

  This Different Night 

  Brotherly Love 

The Tag 
(2001)  Robert

Mild and Bitter 
(1998, FilmFour) 

  Burn Your Phone/Burn the Phone4 
(1996)  The Killer

Jason Isaacs got his start in live theatre.  Our information on his theatrical performances is less complete, but here are some highlights:

  The Dumb Waiter  (Trafalgar Studios Theatre, 2007)  Ben

  The Force of Change  (Royal Court Theatre, 2000)  Mark

  1953  (Almeida Theatre, 1996)  Vittorio Mussolini

  Angels in America/Parts I & II  (Royal National Theatre, 1993)   Louis Ironson (opposite Daniel Craig as Joseph Porter Pitt)

  The Black and White Minstrels  (Edinburgh Festival and King's Head)

  Bent; Glory of Love; Idle Hands  (Bristol University; Glory of Love was performed at the Edinburgh Festival as well)



 Video Games  (I found these on other websites, typically, and can’t vouch for their accuracy)

  "El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron" (2011) Lucifel

  "Castlevania: Lords of Shadow" (2010)  Unknown

  "Napoleon: Total War"  (2010)  Player's aide-de-camp

  "Spartan: Total Warrior"  (2005)  Sejanus

  "Future Tactics: The Uprising" (2004)

  "Reign of Fire" (2002) 

  "Guilty" (1995)

  "Beneath a Steel Sky" (1994)

  "The Heroic Legend of Arislan" (1991) (English version)  Lajendra



Miscellaneous Voice Work

Mr. Isaacs has contributed vocal performances for a number of other projects: He was the voice of Siddeley the Jet in the animated Cars 2Jason Isaacs read the UK editions of a trilogy of audio CDs of books by Kate Atkinson (One Good Turn, Case Histories, and When Will There be Good News?), available through Amazon UK.  He provided the voice of Ra's al Ghul in the 2010 Batman DVD Crisis on Two Earths.  He played the lead, Lt. Clancy, in the BBC Radio 4 Saturday Play Bullitt (Oct. 2009).  He performed in the the audiobook version of Robert Rankin's Brightonomicon (the cast of which also included Andy Serkis).  Mr. Isaacs narrated the 2008 BBC2 documentary on the life of a Ugandan Olympian, The John Akii-Bua Story: An African Tragedy, as well as the BBC2 documentary about Gen. David Richards, The General's War, in Feb. 2007. He voiced the title character in the BBC radio play Rupa Lucian Child of Romania.  He read the five-CD audiobook of the first volume of Conn Iggulden's biography of Genghis Khan, Wolf of the Plains.  (N.b.: while this recording is available in bookstores in the UK as well as from Amazon's UK site, it does not appear on Amazon's U.S. site, and Mr. Isaacs is not the reader for the recording of the second book in the series, Lords of the Bow.)  He has also been heard in the Nickelodeon series Avatar: The Last Airbender (he was the voice of Commander Zhao in ep. 3, "The Southern Air Temple", first aired 25 Feb. 2005, and ep. 8, "Winter Solstice", Apr. 2005).  He provided narration for "Tractor Ted in Springtime", a British preschool-age children's story (available on DVD), and is credited as reader on an audiobook of kid's stories called Once Upon a Time (he did "Aladdin").  Jason Isaacs' is one of two voices heard on the CD accompanying the picture book "I've Seen Santa" and he read for the CD of "Incy Wincy Spider." Jason Isaacs has done a number of voiceovers for commercials, recently for British Gas, and appeared in several older radio productions, among them a multi-hour reading of The Prince and the Pauper (BBC 7), a ten-part reading of Tim Lott's 1991 novel Rumours of a Hurricane in 2002, and a role in Boothby Graffoe's The Condition of the Virgin, both on BBC4, as well as a role opposite Celia Imrie on Radio 4 in The Snowfield7 (1993). 


1. Good was filmed in Hungary in 2007, and appeared only in very limited release in the U.S.  It had a London premiere in April 2009, and is available on DVD.

2. Jason Isaacs's part in this Academy Award®-winning movie was almost entirely excised, a decision he described as perfectly appropriate to maintain the strength of the storyline.

3.  Jason Isaacs had a small role in this Spice Girls vehicle, along with the likes of Alan Cumming and Stephen Fry, but his brief scene was cut.  His explanation was that the director had taken issue with Mr. Isaacs' decision to play the entire scene with his gaze fixed firmly on Emma Bunton's breasts, something he felt was completely apt for the part.  No word on Baby Spice's response.

4. These projects were listed in a program for 1953

5.  Information on these projects taken from http://www.tv.com/

6.  This program has appeared on commercially available recordings—ease of acquisition not implied!

7. Gillian spotted these in a catalogue of BBC productions—we don't know anything else about them

8.  Shockingly, Jason Isaacs didn't receive the Bafta for which he was nominated for this role 

  Thanks Ursadiana, Mariagare, PatsLass, a.p.k., thunder, Kim, and Gillian for obscurity spotting!

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