A page for stuff.  When you're jonesin' for some kind of tangible item associated with a favourite flick, or a lame substitute for that personalized autograph, look here:

  • "Lord Felton" action figure.  Produced by Kenner in conjunction with the release of the movie Dragonheart in 1995.  Amazingly crap resemblance.  Available on eBay—search under 'Action figures', keyword "Felton", including description.  Don't pay more than about $7.63.  You might get lucky and spot one at your local thrift store.


  • Dragonheart books.  There is a novel based upon the screenplay, available from Amazon, but perhaps of greater interest here is something sometimes called an annual—these are cheap hardcover books from the UK, often published around Christmas and seemingly intended for young readers.  The Dragonheart annual includes photos, but as the paper is such poor quality, the pictures are no great shakes.  Available on eBay, typically from UK sellers.  Pay a max of $7.00, and only because the dollar is so weak.



       (one of few Felton photos appearing)

  • Lego Lucius.  Sadly—perhaps even incredibly—the plethora of action figures depicting Harry Potter characters does not yet include Lucius Malfoy; the closest available is a 2" high Lego version, available in a set called "Dobby's Release".  Pretty pitiful.  Available on eBay or selected toy retailer clearance bins.



  • Divorcing Jack, the novel by Colin Bateman (ISBN 1559703598—paperback edition), available at Amazon for around $10US.  To my mind a much more satisfying version than the movie.  As its publication preceded the film by a couple of years, it contains neither references to the movie nor photos.



  • Black Hawk Down: A  Story of Modern War (ISBN 0140288503—paperback edition) by Mark Bowden, available at Amazon for about $10 (If you don't get the hardcover edition, look for the trade paperback, not the mass market paperback).  Expanded from his series of articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer, the book has come to be called a modern combat classic.  Immensely helpful background for the movie, an absorbing and important work in its own right.  It's sometimes criticized for its oversights— the Somali perspective gets pretty short shrift— but Bowden himself explained that he wanted to deal principally with the events of that specific incident, from one set of participants, and I thought he did a marvelous job with it.  I wish President Bush had read it when it first came out.




  • Civvies, the novel by Lynda La Plante ( ISBN 0749314192—paperback edition).  I haven't actually read it yet, but found a copy on eBay—it was published, in both hardcover and paper, to coincide with the broadcast of what is described on the cover as a BBC TV series.

Civvies cover.jpg



     There, I put that horizontal rule there because I'm about to enter "Peter Pan" territory, and here, boys and girls, you can truly let your wallet wander free.

  •  Peter Pan® peanut butter produced a series of commeratively labeled jars featuring characters from the movie—one with Jeremy Sumpter's Pan, one with Tinkerbell, and one with Capt. Hook.  Bookmark a search on eBay, or better yet keep an eye out for jasonisaacsonline auctions for one.

Our eBay auction image

  • Clever Gillian managed to find an officially licensed chocolate bar, manufactured in that global capital of confectionary delight, Russia.  She reported that the chocolate was complete pants, but the label's pretty charming; there was a Peter Pan version and a Hook version.

  • There were action figures produced in conjunction with this movie, but sadly they were limited to a Tinkerbell figure, a Nana dog, and . . .  a crocodile.  Yes.  We got the reptile.  Tink was pretty attractive as far as that goes, but damn . . . Then, let's see, there was a series of paperback picture books illustrated with photos from the movie—these are printed on pretty low-cost paper, so the quality of the pictures suffers a little as a result, but they offer good value for money.  Here's the ISBN for one:  0060563079 and another:  0060563028. 

  • There were several different posters sold with images from the movie, ranging from smaller theatre "lobby cards" to large, single-sided versions, at least one of which depicted Hook alone.  EBay may be your best bet for these now.
  • There were small toys offered by the fast food restaurant Wendy's, if I recall correctly; for fast food freebies, they weren't bad, but none has much to do with Jason Isaacs—the Hook-themed one was literally a hook, I think.  I wouldn't bother.