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Post by Gillian » Wed Apr 08, 2009 10:20 pm

Welcome to the message board of Jason Isaacs Online!

As you know, all message boards are different, and each has its own unique way of doing things. What may be acceptable on one board may not be acceptable on another, and vice versa. To make your stay an enjoyable one, and to avoid any unpleasantness or misunderstandings, we ask that you please take a moment to read (and abide) by the rules listed below. Doing so ensures this board stays a vibrant, friendly place and makes for happy campers all round.

Thank you.



Please do not discuss or engage in speculation about Mr. Isaacs' private life. His career is a public matter, the rest of his life is not. Just like anyone else, Mr. Isaacs is entitled to privacy.

Please refrain from posting pictures of his children. They are not fodder for the public domain.
(Think of it this way. Would you want some stranger posting your child's photos all over the internet? Probably not.)

Do not post messages or pictures that describe or depict Mr. Isaacs in any kind of sexually explicit or provocative situation.

Don't post your sexual fantasies, okay? Just . . . don't.

Please keep your discussions PG. We have visitors of every age; please consider if you'd want your child or younger sibling to read what you just typed.
We don't mind you expressing your appreciation. Just don't drag it into the gutter. That means when it comes to Jason, no lewd, vulgar, or inappropriate language/descriptions/euphemisms to describe his various *cough* "attributes", m'kay?


Treat your fellow board members with respect.

We do not tolerate abusive language, profanity, threats, or harassment by or toward any of our members. Respectful disagreement is fine--nastiness will not be allowed. People who violate this rule will be dealt with immediately.

That said, we do indulge in the occasional bit of swearing. Nothing outrageous, mind you, and never to deliberately insult or hurt another's feelings.
(Except for AussieJo. But then she's made of weapons-grade titanium.)

Flaming, trolling and just general all-round asshat-edness will NOT be tolerated.

Do not post personal contact information about yourself or any other forum member. You never know who may be reading.

Do not post a PM (private message, sent via this board, or e-mail) from another member without first obtaining that person's permission.


Please keep topics in their respective forums. Off-topic discussions (subjects not pertaining to Jason, or that do not fit in any of our categories) should be kept on the Main Board.

Please try to stay on-topic. It's not always possible, but we do appreciate the effort.

If you see an article, interview, or piece of news you want to share, please quote only a couple of sentences or a paragraph in your post, then cite your source and provide a link so people can read the item on the original site. Most of these sources are protected by copyright, and it is illegal to just copy the whole thing.

Think before you post. Is what you're about to say relevant, is it interesting, funny, or intelligent? Does it add something to the conversation? If not, maybe you have something to add to a different topic. Every registered member can receive Private Messages--click on the Image in someone's post if you have a special message just for them.

Please refrain from "AOL speak" (OMG, "I M so hot 4 U", etc.), posting messages in all capital letters (ALL CAPS IS THE EQUIVALENT OF YELLING, and considered rude), or "threadshitting". There are no prizes or rewards on this board for numbers of posts, so there's no point in posting just to post. Nor is there a restriction on the number of characters, so feel free to use real words. This is less confusing to readers whose first language is NOT English.

Please don't post fanfiction. We don't have anything against it per se, but as one mod said, the content is often unsuitable for our all-ages audience.

Do not hotlink images from other people's sites. If you see something you want to use (and it's not copyrighted), download it to your hard drive, then re-upload it to a free online image-hosting service such as Photobucket. Once it's there, simply copy the code for message boards and insert it into the body of your post. Clicking the "Preview" button under the message window will allow you to see how it looks before hitting "Submit". If the image is not your own, please ensure you give appropriate credit.

DO NOT, under any circumstance, post images from a professional photo agency--that is, Getty, Wireimage, Corbis, Wenn, Rex, etc.
It violates their copyright and makes Jesus sad.
Not to mention pisses off the suits. And understandably.
It's theft of their professional product and they're not above a little legal action to prove it.
(We've seen it happen on another, now closed, board, and trust us, it wasn't pretty.)
The rule about photographs is pretty simple: if you took the photo, you own the photo. If you didn't take the photo, just post a link to the site where you saw it.

Finally ...

Spamming is punishable by death.

Kidding. Most of it's automated anyway.
But a girl can dream.

Are we nasty self-important bitches?? Maybe. But this board's been around for a long time, and we'd like to keep it that way. If you have any questions about these rules and suggestions, please feel free to e-mail an admin (admin at jasonisaacsonline dot com) or send a PM to a moderator. We honestly want you to enjoy yourself here. Thanks!

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