Jason on The One Show April 22.

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Jason on The One Show April 22.

Post by thunder » Mon Apr 22, 2019 3:26 pm

A lot of short videos has been posted on Twitter:
https://twitter.com/BBCTheOneShow/statu ... 6640719872
https://twitter.com/BBCTheOneShow/statu ... 1759758337
https://twitter.com/BBCTheOneShow/statu ... 4935712768
https://twitter.com/BBCTheOneShow/statu ... 9411419137
https://twitter.com/BBCTheOneShow/statu ... 4599459840
https://twitter.com/BBCTheOneShow/statu ... 7836894209
https://twitter.com/BBCTheOneShow/statu ... 6552756226
https://twitter.com/BBCTheOneShow/statu ... 4254616577

And a longer one here:

He talked about The OA and Mumbai, and some other things... :D

EDIT: Seeing multiple news agencies trying to spin this interview as Jason being rude to the presenter. I'm not posting the links, because I don't want to give them clicks. :razzlite It looked like she just laughed about it, to me. (during The OA segment)

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