Your favourite Movies (Not including Jason's)

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Your favourite Movies (Not including Jason's)

Post by Anniemouse » Fri Apr 15, 2022 6:09 am

I would like to know what your favourite non Jason movies are?.

My Favourite movies are

= 1st * This is Spinal Tap (1984)
Easily my favourite Comedy. Still works after all these years and was a flop at the time. A masterpiece

= 1st * Grave of the Fireflies (1988)
My favourite animation. Heartbreaking and moving. I am amazed that pen and ink make me sob over the fate of abandoned children. A masterpiece

3 * The Boy With Green Hair. (1948)
Dean Stockwell in a role that makes more sense with every passing decade. Stunning

4 * Picnic at Hanging Rock. (1975)
Australian cinema has never been more dream like. Glorious

5 * The Red Shoes (1948)
Powell and Pressburger create magic. My Christmas movie.

6 * Peeping Tom (1960)
The Movie that destroyed Michael Powell’s career. Terrifying and my favourite horror movie.

7 * Dear Frankie (2004)
A small jewel of a movie. A deaf boy is given the chance to meet his “Dad” after years at sea. A complex set up makes for a moving film on how light can come out of darkness and how children know everything.

8 * A Matter of Life and Death (1946)
Uplifting and sumptuous. In a world created by Powell and Pressburger love can conquer all. Stunning

9 * Hero (2002)
Sumptious Chinease romantic epic. Cinema at it most colouful

10 * Cairo Time (2009)
A film where nothing happens. You are a person watching the emergence of a friendship turning to love and not acted upon. Complex and moving.

My favourite so bad its good movie
Inseminoid (1981)
My favourite bad movie. Sets wobble, terrible dialogue and loads of over acting. Twin monsters that look like Stewie of Family Guy. This tried to repeat Alien with no money. It fails with hilarious results.

The Worst Movie I have Ever Seen
Carry On Emmanuel (1978)
Naff, creepy and soul destroying. The worst film I have ever seen by a mile. The actors look embarrassed.

Honourable mentions * The Sapphires (2012) * A Field in England (2013) * Predestination (2014)

Major movies that I just went Meh

Titanic, Avatar, anything after the first two Terminators. Die Another Day the only Bond movie I cannot watch until the end. Plenty more as well.

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