What would you recommend

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Re: What would you recommend

Post by Anniemouse » Tue Dec 01, 2020 5:42 am

So in the continuing quest to catch up on Jason's work , I have watched (part 2);
Hotel* (oddly enjoyable)
A Cure for Wellness ( I just wish they had ended it at the bench scene) * till then and :rave afterwards.
Divorcing Jack* (Enjoyed it)
Event Horizon *
After the Fall* (A real undiscovered masterpiece)
Inspector Morse * (Really enjoyed that)
St Ives* (daft but fun)
Red Son* (I loved it and hope that they make a sequel)
Friends With Money (not bad just meh)
Fury* ( A really great movie)
The Tuxedo* (I think I liked this more than some on the board, wish they had made a follow up with Jason and Jackie as the leads)
Battle of the Brave (Interesting but patchy)

Other Theater of War productions were as usual amazing. *

Really enjoying these movies.

Really want to find Tennis Anyone and the others that I have not seen.

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Re: What would you recommend

Post by Helen8 » Tue Dec 01, 2020 7:58 pm

I just checked my DVD wall and came up with some more titles for you (assuming your list above is all inclusive):

High Times' Potluck
The Infiltrator
(great performance from Bryon Cranston)
The End of the Affair

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Re: What would you recommend

Post by Anniemouse » Wed Dec 02, 2020 6:05 am

I have seen the End of the affair. I also watched a clip of Jason from Shopping talking to Sean Pertwee at the market. Is he in any more scenes? I fancy tracking down The Infiltrator that sounds great and I do like Bryan Cranston (loved him in Drive)

One project I would love to know more about and see is Ashendon. Is Jason in it much ? as I would be fascinated to see him in such an early role.

A couple of other things as I am a Luddite hoe does netflix work. i do not have a smart tv so what do I need to access it. Would I need a new TV and an internet connection to the tv.

I have also got a few dvd's still to work through. I am not sure if I would enjoy Capital City and Skyfire, or Hotel Mumbai (mainly as I am a coward or doubt I would like to spend time with the capital city types.

What I find fascinating about Jason's work is that although he may not follow the obvious career path of eg appearing in Marvel movies his work is rather wonderful. He should have got major recognition for Good and After the Fall at the very least and Brotherhood on TV.

I quite admire that he is not the fame hungry type.

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Re: What would you recommend

Post by Marie » Wed Dec 02, 2020 9:02 am

I think you should see Hotel Mumbai. Good performances.

I plan to see Skyfire. Any action adventure is what I call popcorn movies. Don’t look for depth - just enjoy.

I don’t have a smart TV - I use an Amazon Firestick. Any BestBuy can help hook you up with what you need.

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Re: What would you recommend

Post by thunder » Wed Dec 02, 2020 3:50 pm

I'm still waiting for Skyfire... :cafe

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Re: What would you recommend

Post by Hilary the Touched » Sat Dec 12, 2020 2:55 pm

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I watched Hotel Mumbai a couple of months ago, and found it... somewhat distasteful.
I got that Jason's character was supposed to be kind of a massive dickhead, but the part where he was gallantly comforting the distressed young actress was revolting. "Don't listen to her, she's an old woman who is unhappy because she hasn't gotten laid! And no surprise! She's old and no man would want to fuck her, ha ha!"
Yeah no.
If I hadn't already stumbled across a documentary about the attack, I would probably have been somewhat confused about the terrorists' motivation. I understood that the movie would focus on the selfless assistance provided by the hotel staff, which I imagined would have involved more action within the hotel. I was honestly a little disappointed by the amount of time spent hanging out in the VIP lounge eating snacks. Armie Hammer's character's desperate need to flee the relative safety to go search for his child just seemed dumb, as did the manager's insistence at the beginning on having a bath waiting at a precise temperature. How do you know the actress will want a bath?? And when? Great, it's the right temperature now, won't be in half an hour! And speaking of timing, that poor baby went, like, 22 hours with no food. No wonder he was howling all the time.
People kept being in situations of low risk and then demanding to go run out in front of guns.
And I felt so bad for the employees! The one at the beginning who declared that he'd been at the hotel for X decades and it was his home, okay. But the ones who went, "The guest is god!" made me feel so bad. Dev Patel's character was so poor, yet he would leave his own family undefended for the sake of a bunch of rich strangers who probably hardly noticed his existence.
OH! And I *HATED* the dreadful moment when the head chef tasted a pot of sauce and told the sous-chef to add something, and then threw his tasting spoon back in the pot. I hope it was a special set-aside, 'cause otherwise he just spit in the plate of everyone who ordered the dish with that sauce.
Last bitch: the dreadful scene when JI's character was killed, and the actress--whose religion had already been revealed--finally broke down and spoke to her captor, revealing that she was not Hindu but Muslim. Her stubborn refusal to let that slip arguably resulted in the murder of her husband, and just seemed so, like, prideful. I get not following the religion, not being observant, but if you could somehow spare the life of your dumbass husband who had HAD to go tearing around after your baby by saying the magic words in Farsi/Arabic, WHY WOULDN'T YOU??? I'd happily declare that there is no God but God and that Mohammed is his prophet if it would keep my husband alive!
Hilary, done hate-watching Hotel Mumbai.

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Re: What would you recommend

Post by Anniemouse » Sat Dec 12, 2020 5:39 pm

Thank you for being honest about your take on Hotel Mumbai. I am not a fan of real life violent movies and might steer clear of this one (does that make me a bad Jason fan?) I can't really image me ever watching The State Within I still can hear that women screaming. I hope to was a children's film that Jason did the narration for (it has a long title) but I threw my back out last weekend and am still sore.

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