Can't Wait

A fencing Jason Isaacs--in tights, no less!! Sorry--a historical drama concerning machinations and maneuverings in the court of Spain's Philip II, erstwhile husband to England's Queen Mary Tudor and dispatcher of the ill-fated Armada. Velvet and ruffed collars. Unfortunately, it appeared only sporadically in theatres, and is tough to find even on DVD.

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Can't Wait

Post by whisperwood » Wed Jun 25, 2008 1:06 pm

I couldn't believe how blind I was. I wanted to talk about this movie here but I missed the forum! So I was thinking, huh... Maybe I imagined this movie lol. Then I finally saw it. Wow. :oops:

I'm really really excited for this movie. If you remember I said in my intro my love for Renaissance Fairs and period costume and garb... (I wish I had a place to where my chemise and bodice right now, lol). I do a bit of my own costuming, but I'm at a stand still without a sewing machine anymore. Rats.

But I love men in garb. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I'm in heaven at Fairs. Oh man, constantly drooling. And kilts? Ok, getting off the point, sorry. But Jason is going to be in period costume... Can you imagine how that makes me feel?

:!: :!: :!: -bounces-

And I love Julia.... Oh man. If I thought Clive was hot in The Golden Age... how am I going to handle Jason in this? Maybe I better not go to the theater and wait for the dvd so I can squeal. Haha.

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Post by grannybear » Wed Jun 25, 2008 9:08 pm

They have Resaissance Fairs every year in Sarasota and Tampa that sound interesting. I've aways meant to go but never have. Maybe I'll make the effort this year.

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