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Posted: Mon Mar 23, 2009 9:31 am
by Mistress
:shock: As Lord Voldemort would say: I find myself disappointed. Difference is I won't go around cursing people.

Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2009 9:36 pm
by Gillian
You know as well as I don't want an answer to the tasty-ass question.
Just a gentle reminder, ladies. Let's try and keep the discussion somewhat respectful, if we could. You can still express your appreciation, but we prefer things not get dragged completely into the gutter.


Posted: Sat Apr 04, 2009 8:43 pm
by Sea Lion Woman
I just saw The Curse of Steptoe and oh's SOOOO GREAT!
The last scene got me really sad. Sorry I can't give you a smart, insightful review. I just have to say that if Jason deserves this BAFTA and that he better win. If he doesn't....I would be really dissapointed.