Skeletons on demand

This independent British production concerns the adventures of a pair who provide mysterious services to couples contemplating marriage. It was a festival favourite in 2010 and is available on DVD.

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Skeletons on demand

Post by fruitbat » Fri Sep 14, 2012 9:51 am

I saw this in The Guardian today.

The HD stream of the movie is available to watch on a pay-per-view basis for £3.49 or download to own for £5.49. The film will be available to watch immediately. The streaming version can be accessed five times within 30 days of purchase.
From the FAQs
Q: I am outside of the UK? Can I watch your movie stream?

A: Our digital rights for each film vary. We will always aim to secure rights for as many countries as possible, and will publish on the films article page which regions the film is available to purchase. if you are outside of these regions then we are unable to stream the movie to you. You will not be able to purchase the film if the rights are not available in your country.
I can't tell if this film is available outside the UK.

MTA: Also on the Guardian site. a little video interview of the leads, including Jason dropping a f-bomb.

I don't think it's been posted before.

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Re: Skeletons on demand

Post by LadySekhmet » Fri Sep 14, 2012 6:11 pm

I don't know about other versions of iTunes and Amazons, but you can rent or buy Skeletons off of Amazon (US) and the US iTunes. So there is another option, too, for those of us on this side of the Pond. (I also netflixed it.)

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