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Skeletons on BBC2

Posted: Thu Jun 13, 2013 4:42 pm
by servalan
The film is on BBC2 this Saturday (15 Jun 2013) at 11.40 p.m., so chance for any UK viewers who haven't yet seen Skeletons to watch it.

In spite of the award won by the film, the Radio Times reviewer doesn't seem to like it, and only gives it 2 stars - but in the online version of RT he gives Jason a positive mention.

Re: Skeletons on BBC2

Posted: Tue Jun 30, 2020 10:20 am
by Anniemouse
OK I have just watched this movie and I thought it was a strange wonderful little movie. Iyt felt like a cross between Quantum Leap and the more stream of conciousness writers like Joyce.

Just how much was improv. The rehersals and acting choices were fascinating and the way that The Colonel greated Davis cracked me up with laughter. From watching the extras would love to know more of the rehersal process. Seemed to have been an interesting project for Jason. I am still tryoing to get my head around it all.

Next up The Death of Stalin.

Re: Skeletons on BBC2

Posted: Tue Jun 30, 2020 12:52 pm
by Helen8
Ahhh. Death of Stalin. Jason doesn't show up for about half an hour. But when he does, the Field Marshall dominates. :bat