Pictures, poster and article

Jason Isaacs plays a detective who befriends the main character in this movie about a man who loses his job and embarks on a life of crime. Previously known as 'Things People Do'

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Pictures, poster and article

Post by thunder » Tue Oct 28, 2014 2:23 am ... s-20141027

More Pictures of Jason Isaacs too. :D

That poster looks like a complete miss. Will draw in the complete wrong audience, who's not gonna get it, and will slaughter it for lack of action scenes. And the people who will like it is gonna stay away because it doesn't look like their kind of movie.
Looks like a combination of Captain America and a revenge movie. :roll:

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Re: Pictures, poster and article

Post by Marie » Tue Oct 28, 2014 3:13 pm

It does look like it has a political or patriotic slant with that poster. The worst part of the poster is .... no Jason......... :tchuh:

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