A modern adaptation of Ira Levin's novel to a four hours NBC miniseries. Jason Isaacs plays Roman Castevet.

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Re: Ratings

Post by amy223 » Sat May 17, 2014 3:45 pm

I just (finally) finished it. This was a rough week, and my brain was too much of a vegetable to focus on anything other than dinner, bath, story, and bedtime for most of the week.

I agree with lots of you: it wasn't scary at all, aaand there were a couple of hokey things about it. I thought it was more blood/gore with some gripping/omg-what-are-you-DOING-don't-do-that-don't-you-understand-you're-going-to-DIE! moments. And that was with me always knowing that somebody was actually going to die, but I'm still hoping they won't because they seem like a good egg. Why do all the good eggs have to die?? All the time??? Somebody (here, i think) said it's really hard to scare most 21st century people, which I agree with. We're so used to movie blood & guts (not a good thing, unless you're in a medical field, I say). But I think you can still make certain types of people (me, for instance) at least get really nervous when watching your movie. This one kept me on edge at least briefly, in certain parts. (Thinking specifically here of the detective scene with the lighter--seriously, DON'T let them have your stuff! Didn't you listen to Rosemary?! omgyou'regonnaDIE!!) (I'm trying so hard here not to give too much away for those who haven't seen it--I'm okay with a good internet smack down if I ever do.) Still trying to decide how I feel about the ending (which is okay! i like it when i have to think for awhile about how to feel about an ending). And I agree with thunder about Jason's crying scene--that scene was moving, made me want to like/trust Roman, and that made me uncomfortable (and I'm not religious at all).

At any rate, I liked it. It wasn't something I can totally gush over and claim it rocked my world, but I thought it was a watchable movie. If a friend came to me and said, "Is this worth watching?" I'd say, "Yup. Nothing really earth shattering, but good, solid acting and good, solid story telling. I didn't want to demand 4 hours of my life back." But if you're looking to have the pants scared off you, or for something totally mind blowing, this probably isn't the movie for you. Also if you're a huge fan of the original, I bet. I will (take a deep breath, out on a limb, because I'm a consummate people pleaser) disagree with some of you--I thought Zoe Saldana did an amazing job with her character. I never really had an opinion about her as an actor before, but I so like her now. That girl can get into a character.

So I'm going to Roger & Ebert it and give it one thumb up. And Jason, you get two thumbs up and a high five for a most excellent job at infusing your evil character with such a disconcerting, uncomfortable likeability. If only your guy hadn't been the devil's minion! He dressed fancy and threw such great parties. :cool:

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Re: Don't forget to watch tonight

Post by revenante » Mon May 19, 2014 7:55 am

CeliaBeck wrote:
Angel Tavington wrote:Where can I watch it online?


Here http://www.nbc.com/rosemarys-baby scroll down and night 1 and 2 is on.
I hope the film startet.
Thanks Celia - I will give this a go as well (when I have time to sit down!) :hug

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