The Death of Stalin - In Consert

Satirical comedy about the chaotic events and fight for power surrounding Stalin's death. Jason plays general Georgy Zhukov.

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The Death of Stalin - In Consert

Post by thunder » Sun Mar 03, 2024 3:54 am

The score will be performed by the BBC Symphony Orchestra, and be followed by a Q and A with "director Armando Iannucci, composer Christopher Willis, producer Kevin Loader and stars of the film Jason Isaacs and Michael Palin." I think maybe they will show the movie too, but I'm not sure. ... in-concert

Not sure if it comes in conflict with Jason filming Thw White Lotus, but his name is still there, at least. It's on March 27.

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Re: The Death of Stalin - In Consert

Post by Anniemouse » Sun Mar 03, 2024 5:10 am

That sounds interesting.

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Re: The Death of Stalin - In Consert

Post by servalan » Sun Mar 03, 2024 12:34 pm

The link says "... screened in live synchronisation with Christopher Willis' powerful score for the first time."

I take that to mean they will show the film and play the music live at the same time - presumably the music bit of the soundtrack will be missing, but the dialogue will still be there.

It's too far away for me, but great if you live near London.

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