Voldemort at work

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Voldemort at work

Post by Lizzie » Thu Dec 29, 2011 3:36 pm

Okay, this may be a very long post and at some times incoherent but feel free to tell me off, I can't yell at any of you anyway. LOL!

As you'll know by now, I am a member of a pipe band and a rather active one at that. I'm in the board and teach people. In total the band is 50 people strong, including students but excluding partners. Without bragging, I am often invited at parties that one or other organizes.
For you who don't know this yet: I've got a skin desease, I am single and I'm the practical sort who'll wear jeans and t-shirt at work because that's easiest.

On September 17th, my mom threw me a surprise birthday party (I turned 30 on December 20th) and invited the band, some friends from my previous work and my family. This turned out to be a group of roughly 60 people which was quite a high number for her budget. Throughout the year, I had been moaning about this to one colleague because my mom had forbidden me to organize a party myself but at this rate, I wasn't really hoping for a barbecue anymore and my free weekends were running out as well.
Apparently, my one colleague together with another had decided (after my mom's party) to invite me over for dinner at number 2's house. However, since her wedding party, she had sort of started to force me into a relationship with a friend of hers - I blocked it off to my own regret because I did get along with this fellow but I hate being pushed and then scare away. On a random shopping spree involving her and someone else, she suddenly seemed to have decided I need to wear more low cut tops and dresses - something I don't feel comfortable in. It didn't turn out well because again, when pushed, I turn away.

As you can imagine, I wasn't too fond of going to her house to be the fifth wheel on the wagon in someone's living room when the main topic might be my clothing. Rotten character that I am, I had the original intention of going in a jeans and hoodie just to show that I'll wear what I like.

The Monday before the dinner, the band was in a bit of a problem and needed an extra piper for a performance on that day. Needing a good excuse, I took the opportunity with both hands and cancelled the dinner party the following day. Knowing what a short fuse my number 2 colleague has, I was a coward and sent her a text. Later that evening, I got a phone call from a school friend of mine who works there as well but at a different departement. She wasn't supposed to tell me but they had organized a surprise party at a place where they do a transvestite show as well. A good deal of phoning about later, I would be able to make it to the restaurant because that'd be an hour later than I had originally been invited. However 'number two' called it all off. I later found out that she cancelled my seat and that of my school friend.

The next day, I had been very busy and as I rang the number one colleague, she said number two was expecting my apologies. I hadn't been sleeping well that night and I tend to lose my temper so I prefered to stay away of number two. I work at a public place so I didn't want to be caught yelling the most obsene insults so I mailed her instead. The day after that, number two came into my office to return the Christmas card I had given her a week earlier because she didn't want anything to do with someone who couldn't apologize. Afterwards, it seemed that she didn't even bother reading the mail.

In total there were eight colleagues involved and only one of them is pissed off at me, she even threw me off of her facebook. Number one is on maternity leave but she had the decency to send me a text on my birthday and a christmas card so I reckon she's not that angry. I've spoken to several of the other eight people and none of them hold it against me that I went on the performance and -know- about number two's character. As of today, she actually said 'good morning' all by herself and held the door for me on our way out.

I personally think that she's jealous of me. Again, without wanting to brag, I have a rahter intensive social life with the band - there are weeks when I don't have a free night or have free weekends - while she has no friends apart from the people at work and her mother in law. She's married, I'm single, she dresses up, I don't and yet I'm more 'popular' if you like than she is. Mind you, in a group of 60 people, looks don't matter but how often you're at rehearsals and performances and how good you play but that might be an aspect she hadn't thought of yet.

My close colleague had told me that apparently, she had prefered me to come and yell at her but both the former and my own mother beg to differ. I know that I don't easily lose my temper but when I honestly do, I will use the most foul words I can think of, throw everything at the person involved that has ever bothered me and then some. Mind, I'm not proud of that but knowing that about myself makes it easy for me to prevent such an outburst if possible.

Anyway, I think it's just a pity that nobody dared to warn me that it was not the party I think it was going to be and that nobody bothered to decorate my desk and chair which is usually done at such a birthday. Number two never even wondered whether or not I even like such an amount of attention (fyi: I don't, certainly not around a group of people I don't know and will continue to see afterwards) or even bother to come up with something original. Number one said they did it because I had been talking about a party but I have also said a billion times I love breakfasts so why they didn't think of sending me a basket on my day is still beyond me.

Oh well, she's just driving me mad but I refuse to let it be noticed. Today she talked to me (about work of course) and I dare to say that I have now won. Until today, she didn't even do that much while I've always treated her as usual. Earlier today, I had to think of Harry on the floor in Order of the Phoenix talking to Voldemort. He said that he feels sorry for Volders because he didn't know love or friendship. Well, number two is actually like Voldemort. The people she now laughs with and talks to are people who she was gossiping about not two months ago. At her wedding party, there were two friends from school and a bunch of colleagues while at my party there were 50 friends and no colleagues.

I better end my rant here because you may think I'm making up a scoreboard which is not my intention. I've been sleeping rather poorly lately and I just needed to vent somewhere.


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